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NYC Restaurateurs Plead With Landlords For Rent Forgiveness And Deferment

•, Tyler Durden

Real estate relief efforts are underway, including a 90-day state moratorium on evictions and a proposed tenant forgiveness bill. Nonetheless, rent payments are still due. "The reality is that many restaurants will not have the money to pay," said Andrew Rigie, head of the New York Hospitality Alliance, a group that advocates on behalf of owners.

Some restaurants, like Simon Kim's Cote in Flatiron, are looking to use security deposits in place of formal payments. Others are seeking rent forgiveness, a tough sell that the Boqueria tapas chain has managed to pull off in part. Still others are contemplating deferrals, a gamble that involves paying less now and more later. Following are accounts of how various NYC restaurant groups have pursued each of these three strategies:

Pursuing rent deferment

Some bars and restaurants are pursuing rent deferment. David Rosen — who runs a popular collection of Brooklyn bars, including the Breakers, and leads the Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurants industry group — tells Eater this week that he's seeing fellow venues strike deals that involve paying just 25 to 50 percent of the current rent, while agreeing to pay back the remaining balance over the course of a few years.