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Kissinger 'Speaks': Globalists' Big Plans for Covid-19 Crisis

•, Leo Hohmann

Henry "Kiss the Ring" Kissinger has weighed in on the global impact of COVID-19. And the granddaddy of one-world insiders doesn't disappoint. He says the coronavirus will "forever alter the world order." [See The New American.]

But what does the Godfather of the NWO really talk about behind closed doors? Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?

I can just see him huddling with his buddies, sipping martinis and saying something like, "We launched the big one this time… They thought they were winning, they thought Trump could save them, they thought Brexit could save them, they thought the Yellow Vests could save them, the Hong Kong protests… But we turned the tables on them.

"And they thought 9-11 was big? Wait till they see what we have in store with this one!"

Yes, Bill Gates has surely made one of his Zen masters proud, as he sits ready and waiting with a cocktail of mandatory vaccines, at least one promising to be specially tailored for COVID-19. Kissinger's old communist buddies in China are also elated with the crap storm they have unleashed.