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The Last False Flag


I am praying that this is the last false flag. There has been a WAR going on between good and evil. it's a war for your mind. The cabal has been on the side of evil. And the Alliance is on the side of good per David Wilcock now. The alliance recruited Trump to restore America. The Cabal thinks they are the race that survived the sinking of Atlantis and think the world is their's to rule.

This is our time to decide between good and evil. The whole virus situation has brought the world to an avoid each other halt, socially culturally, entertainment wise, and economically, everything stopped. We can take the side of the cabal which is ruling the world now. Or we can regroup and go with our president, a good guy in my opinion. Trump (see Ref d) is trying to take over for us the American people. He is nationalizing the Federal Reserve as this is being written. And I'm sure he is trying to bring back our Republic (see Ref m), the Republic that doesn't need all the amendments for minorities if it is actually enforced as written. The Constitution did not have to say anything about minorities because it was all-inclusive. The Cabal wrote all that minority BS into the Constitution via the courts and amendments. In other words; the Constitution did not need the amendments added by the Cabal. Furthermore, the Constitution that made the states sovereign, thus government does not have power over individuals.