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The Deep State Crosses Party Lines

•, By Doug Casey

Editor's note: In just a few weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the country, killed thousands of people, and devastated the economy. As this crisis drags on, plenty of people are wondering whether America as they know it is permanently changed.

But as our founder, Doug Casey, explains below, America is already fighting a "losing battle"… and lost its way well before this outbreak started.

Read on to learn why Doug thinks the US is acting "clinically insane"… and why you can't trust either political party to save the country…

Daily Dispatch: Doug, the US is only a few months away from the next election. Can we get your take on all the allegations of interference in US elections?

America seems to have spent many years interfering in the elections of other countries, and yet nobody, Republican or Democrat, seems to understand that or want to acknowledge that. What do you make of it all?