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Help Pocketnet Battle The Dark Side

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As you know, the state and technocracy censors are working overtime to destroy as much communication freedom as possible. The totally decentralized social networking platform Pocketnet stands as a Force for good in their way, but only as much as we are willing to make it happen. More nodes are needed to weather this storm, so that blocking of them can be ineffective.

If you have a bit of time on your hands and extra computer laying around, you can take action to help assure our freedom from communication and information tyranny. Step-by-step instructions for setting up a Pocketnet node are at

Everything you need to know is at that link. Pocketnet support is available at an email address provided. Others in our community who operate nodes stand ready to help. Make a comment and I will be notified and others may jump in while I'm away. Also, you can ask for any help you need in the chat.

As an added incentive, you will earn more Pocketcoin hosting a node than you're likely to earn posting and commenting.

Dust off that extra PC, check out the link above, set up a Pocketnet node and join the resistance against the dark force of information tyranny.


For an overview of Pocketnet, visit