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Here's When Each State Plans on Lifting Their "Stay At Home" Order

• Dan Bongino -

Just days after the media was busy blasting President Donald Trump for not implementing a federal lockdown and instead leaving those decisions up to the states, the media is now busy blasting President Trump for stating that he could end all lockdowns before the states decide to. It's nice to see the media rally to defend state rights for once, though unfortunately it's in the context of them being total hypocrites.

The states will ultimately decide when to re-open, and most actually do already have at timeline in place that span from April 15th to June 10th. Only six states haven't yet given a timeframe for when they plan on lifting restrictions, perhaps because they'd likely be subject to change regardless.

As for those that have set dates, Forbes Magazine's Suzanne Rowan Kelleher has the list. Note that all lifting on restrictions will be done on a rolling basis, not at once overnight.

April 15


April 19


April 20

Indiana (originally Apr. 7), Mississippi

April 21

Alaska (originally Apr. 11)

April 24

District of Columbia, Missouri, Montana (originally Apr. 10), Wisconsin

April 26

Colorado (originally Apr. 11)

April 27

South Carolina (originally Apr. 12)

April 29

New York (originally Apr. 15), North Carolina

April 30

Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia (originally Apr. 13), Hawaii, Illinois (originally Apr. 7), Louisiana (originally Apr. 13), Maine, Michigan (originally Apr. 13), Nevada, New Mexico (originally Apr. 10), Pennsylvania, Tennessee (originally Apr. 14), Texas

May 1

Ohio (originally Apr. 6), Utah (originally Apr. 13)

May 4

Massachusetts (originally Apr. 7), Minnesota (originally Apr. 10), New Hampshire, Washington (originally Apr. 6)

May 8

Rhode Island (originally Apr. 13)

May 15

Delaware, Vermont (originally Apr.15)

May 20

Connecticut (originally Apr. 22)

June 10


Whichever state is yours – it certainly feels like this can't end soon enough.