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Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus

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(Publisher's Note: Since July of 2016 Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock has interviewed Dr Judy Mikovits at least twice a month (100's of times) in a regular build up to what is happening now. It was due to Dr. Judy Mikovit's story that the created our first 10 days after our first interview. With Dr. Mikovit's help, our audience was prepared)

Checkout this very interesting interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits ( whose working relationship with Tony Fauci started in 1984 ) who is very experienced in studying virus' and even worked on helping virus' get gain of function. Some of the things she exposes ( directly or indirectly ) in this very informative interview.

1) How the origin of the disease could not have come from the Wuhan fish market.

2) How the way a virus is introduced is by direct injection ( through vaccines ) .

3) She does not deny that the virus is contagious but is actually spread by people who are vaccinated.

4) How the testing for the corona virus is very flawed and in fact a huge fraud is being perpetrated on people.

5) How those that received flu shots are more succeptible to the effects of the virus

6) How those that are wearing masks are actually PROMOTING the disease from spreading.

7) How vaccines in general ( through retrovirus and retrovirus contaminates in the vaccines ) actually promote disease including cancer. ( in fact Dr Mitkovits herself was infected with XMRV and developed a natural immunity to it )

8) What the real agenda behind the push for mandatory vaccination is .

9) How the fifth generation internet ties into making this plandemic even more deadly.

10) How the answer to healing from this virus is though natural medicine. The cure has already been given by what can be found in nature. All of these these natural remedies were created by God. In fact all medicines come from the study of plants.

Get ready to get a serious education from Dr Mikovits. Or you could just ignore this video and continue to mindlessly obey the voices that come from big government agencies like the WHO and the CDC in which case you are being conditioned to anxiously await a solution from a vaccine that uses "digital certificates" developed by a man who is an open proponent of depopulation. Mr Gates and Mt Fauci whether they know it or not are playing their part in a satanic agenda to try and destroy ALL human life on earth. The good news is that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of God will raise a standard against him. Yes that standard is one of the many things that we who have accepted Jesus can trust in. Lastly I would like to point out that both Fauci and Gates owe their very existence to a God who created all life on earth. This is a testimony to the goodness and righteousness of God who allows His rain to fall on the just and the unjust.