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The Deep State Has Enacted a Coup Against the People!!!...

•, by Dave Hodges

Several times in the last 10 days we have heard of the phrase from people in the Covid-19 briefings which ominously proclaim that "this is a military operation". How much more clear can it be when the people who are taking over this nation, destroying your constitutional liberties, destroying your aconomy, destroying your ability to take care of your families, are telling you in plain language, "we've come, we've seen, and we've conquered"!

It is quite clear, that the president is not fully in charge. He has sporadic bouts of striking back against the power that has been stripped from him. For example, he has moved to defund the World Health Organization, but this action is a day late and a dollar short. However, I do agree with this as a symbolic protest to the take over of this country using this virus as the excuse.