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Trump to Halt US Funding for WHO, Following a Precedent Set by President Carter

•, Ross Marchand

Somebody had to say it. Speaking at a press briefing on April 7, President Trump chastised the World Health Organization (WHO) for having "really called, I would say, every aspect of it [the coronavirus] wrong."

Trump went further Tuesday evening, announcing that the US would place a hold on WHO funding over its handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to Axios.

The United Nations sub-agency has indeed stumbled badly in its quest to contain the coronavirus, showing more of an interest in condoning cover-ups than producing accurate data. History has a strange way of repeating itself and the US faced a similar problem with another unaccountable global bureaucracy—the International Labor Organization (ILO)—in the 1970s. As it did then, the US must stem the flow of taxpayer dollars to the organization and demand accountability. Only a steady, dedicated effort can transform the WHO into a force for good.