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Barr Is the Enforcer of Trump's Push to Undermine the States' Coronavirus Response

•, David R. Lurie

Donald Trump is calling for his followers to LIBERATE the states from the social distancing measures that are staving off an even greater coronavirus death toll. Trump's enforcer, Attorney General Bill Barr, is now poised to support Trump's call for insurrection by turning to the federal courts—seeded with a legion of newly installed right-wing jurists—to undermine critical public health protections on his boss' behalf. 

If Barr and Trump get their way, the states will soon be "opened up" to the virus, and thus to a massive number of needless deaths. 

While Trump began openly attacking his own social distancing guidelines over the past week, Barr has been doing so for some time. During an April 8 interview on Fox News, the attorney general described the steps belatedly taken to limit spread of the virus as "draconian." He also said that "after April 30," the Department of Justice would begin to scrutinize such "restrictions on our liberty" more closely.