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Churchill's War: The Real History of World War II

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

The one historian from whom you can get the unvarnished truth of World War II is David Irving. 

On the bookjackets of Irving's books, the question is asked: What is real history?

The answer is that real history is history that travels straight from history-maker to the history-maker's documents and from the document archives to the historian's book without political input and free of academic and patriotic prejudice.  It is history that cannot be bought.

Irving's Hitler's War was published in 1977.  Irving was an archaeologist digging in history who located and dug up previously unknown documents and archives.  He lets the factual record tell the history. He is exact and scrupulous and does not curry favor.  The Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote:  "The book was thoroughly researched . . . It confirmed Irving's reputation as one of the world's most thorough researchers and an exciting and readable historian."