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Here's What the Government Should Really Do in the Greater Depression

•, By Doug Casey

"We," of course, is the government. Everyone believes it should "Do Something". And it is.

But why deal in half-measures?

Why only send everybody a check for $1200? Why not buy everyone a new Cadillac to get Detroit back to work, a big new house to help builders, and a $10,000 check that must be deposited at a failing bank and then spent at Victoria's Secret.

A plan like that certainly sounds like more fun than what I'm going to propose. Especially since Americans are going to be a bit short on fun over the next little while.

They used it all up over the last generation.

I've explained elsewhere why we're embarked on the Greater Depression. That's a done deal. But here is what needs to happen if the depression is to be as brief and as therapeutic as possible.