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Justin Amash is About as Libertarian as Andrew Cuomo

•, -RW

On Wednesday, I wrote:

I don't find most politicians useful at all. But every once in a great while a politician can come along who is a good tool. Maybe Amash will be a good tool.
We shall see.
Coming from a guy, me, who doesn't like or trust politicians that was a big give.

But that opening to consider Amash as valuable to libertarianism has, less than 48 hours later, closed for me.

He gave an interview to The New York Times that was published on Wednesday. There was nothing libertarian about it. There was no attempt to spread the libertarian message. He gave bland typical  political-style answers that could have been given by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi or Mike Pence.

People are looking for honesty and practicality in Washington and they're not getting it out of the current crop of candidates...
So what we need in Washington is a little more humility and trust of the people.