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No Fear, No Mask and No Helmet, Either

• Eric Peters Auto

And much to regain.

The Mask Mandate – gradually congealing here, already imposed there – is a mandate too far. Bad enough to be denied the freedom to do as you like inside your own damn car, when the doing harms no other person. And the same when on your bike, when he doing harms the person on the bike – who is denied the freedom to feel the sun on his face and the wind in his hair as well as forced to have his visual range diminished and his auditory range all-but-eliminated by an edict that he must wear a got-damned helmet or else because some control freaks are "concerned" that if he wrecks, he might get hurt.

It doesn't matter that he is arguably more likely to wreck – because of the vision-limiting helmet, which makes it harder to see things coming at the rider from the side without turning his head to look – at which point, his eyes are no longer on the road ahead.

But the point isn't even that.

It does not matter whether wearing a helmet is "safer." It may be wildly unsafe. So?

What matters – all you Karens and Kevins reading these words – is that it is not your business to impose your "concerns" about saaaaaaaaafety on other people.