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Iranian Hackers Targeted Gilead As Coronavirus Research Becomes New Cybercrime Holy Grail

• by Tyler Durden

Just days after the US and Britain issued a joint warning about hackers targeting pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions as research on coronavirus remedies and vaccines becomes the new 'holy grail' for digital criminals, Reuters has published a report citing direct evidence of intrusion attempts at Gilead. For source material, Reuters cited "publicly available web archives" that its reporters examined, along with personnel from three cybersecurity firms.

In one case, a fake email login page designed to steal passwords was sent in April to a top Gilead executive involved in legal and corporate affairs, according to an archived version on a website used to scan for malicious web addresses. Reuters was not able to determine whether the attack was successful.

Ohad Zaidenberg, lead intelligence researcher at Israeli cybersecurity firm ClearSky, who closely tracks Iranian hacking activity and has investigated the attacks, said the attempt was part of an effort by an Iranian group to compromise email accounts of staff at the company using messages that impersonated journalists.