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What We Know

•, By Bionic Mosquito

We know that the number of deaths in Sweden were an infinitesimal fraction of what the model would have predicted given Sweden's relative do-nothing policy
We know that models from Neil Ferguson in the past were also always wildly wrong.
We know that massive funding from the Gates Foundation goes to Imperial College.
We know that original estimates of the number of deaths that would be attributable to the corona were greatly overstated.
We know that even the reported number of deaths (the numerator) attributed to the corona are overstated – my guess from what I have read, by a factor of two or three.  This is because people who die with the corona (and even for this, they can't or don't really test) is not the same thing as people who die due to the corona.  Yet all are counted as victims of the corona.
We know that the number infected (the denominator) is wildly understated – some estimates, by as much as 50 to 80 times, maybe more.

We therefore know that much more of the population has already been exposed, with no meaningful or debilitating symptoms.

We know that there were many in the medical community that were making such points as the above before all of the hysteria.  This isn't a matter of 20/20 hindsight.

We know that a large portion of global medical funding comes from the Gates Foundation, which stands to profit substantially from disease-induced panic.

We also know that the initial reaction of many medical experts was that this corona would present something a little more or a little less than another cold and flu season.

We know that something caused them to change their minds.

We know that the "reaction" to this corona has offered a pretext to bail out the financial system – with efforts that dwarf what was done in 2008.

We know that now that these floodgates have been opened, only collapse will bring the current system to its just end.