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Energy in Context and Correcting a Critic

•, by Brian Wang

Nextbigfuture has dozens of articles comparing all energy sources based on safety using the deaths per terawatt hour metric.

In 2008, Nextbigfuture had its first death per terawatt-hours for all energy sources.

Nextbigfuture has written hundreds of articles about air pollution and the problems with coal, oil and natural gas. Air pollution is bad and indoor and outdoor air pollution causes 7 million deaths per year. Poverty is worse and causes about 18 million deaths per year. Thus getting inexpensive energy from burnable dirt (coal) to lift a nation out of poverty is actually a net gain. This especially true if the energy can be cleaned up as soon as possible.

The USA and UK had very dirty air from 1880-1970 and then cleaned up their air. China has very dirty air from 1970-2020 but should have fairly clean air by 2030.