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How Did The Greatest Country In The World Get To This Point?

• By Bill Sardi

Government leaders were hiding the fact they were buying your vote with borrowed money.

Don't get caught up in the current political or COVID-19 theatre.  The lady microbiologist who once worked in a government virology laboratory for Dr. Anthony Fauci and has a tell-all book about vaccines, brave as she is, is just a distraction.  To drag out an old Clinton-era catchphrase: "It's the economy stupid!"

The hidden agenda is to hide a collapsed economy behind the fear of a lethal virus.  The failed economy and unprecedented unemployment are not due to the virus.  Economist John Williams at has been reporting a hidden 20% unemployment rate for the past few years now.  Mr. Trump's MAGA was just putting a positive face on all this hoping to keep Americans' spirits up.  This financial implosion has been a long time coming.  It remained hidden for so long its eventual disclosure had to be a planned event.