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We Live In The Wikileaks Era -- The Greatest Era Ever For Advancing Human Freedom

•, By Allan Stevo

It was a century when more than 100 million died at the hands of their own governments, as those governments claimed to be doing good for their citizenry.

That is the past. What an ugly past it was. It can be put behind us if we so wish.

And now we have a special gift. It is a gift called the present.

And a new era may be ahead of us.

I can't predict the future. I have no crystal ball. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying. There are a lot of experts who claim to be able to know the future. What I do see though is our present.

In our present, the great state has been rendered obsolete in several key ways and is growing in obsolescence daily.

The Tea Party, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump were all seen as coups on the status quo, by a portion of the electorate. They were candidates intended to upend a government that people no longer trusted.