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Von Greyerz: "You Can't Avoid The Final Collapse"

• by Egon von Greyerz

That is half of the global workforce of 3.3 billion. Particularly vulnerable are the 2 billion people in the informal economy. For most of these vulnerable people, this means no income, no food and no security reports the ILO. This is a human tragedy on a massive scale and most people in the Western world are totally unaware. 


Looking at the UK, 23 million people which is half of all adults are now paid by the state.  This includes people being furloughed, on unemployment benefits and public sector workers and pensioners. That is just an incredible proportion of the population which are getting free money for making no productive contribution. Yes, the human side is of course incredibly important and suffering people should be helped. The problem is only that THERE IS NO MONEY. What half of the adult population is receiving is money that doesn't exist but is just printed out of thin air and thus has no real value.