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Can't Make This Up: Beijing Begins Construction Of A P-3 Biolab

• by Tyler Durden


(going so far as to spark unofficial demands for hundreds of billions in reparations from Beijing for its "criminal" actions), an allegation which Peter Navarro on Sunday expanded when he accused China of deliberately "seeding" the world with the "China virus":

"The Chinese behind the shield of the World Health Organization – for two months – hid the virus from the world and then sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese on aircraft to Milan, New York and around the world to seed that," Navarro said on ABC. "They could have kept it in Wuhan. Instead it became a pandemic."

Well, one would be wrong, because in a "completely unexpected" twist - assuming China was indeed telling the truth and that the WIV had nothing to do with the original viral release - on Friday, a senior Chinese official confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's allegation that Beijing had told labs in the country to destroy coronavirus samples in early January.