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Lost Amid Musk's Tweets, This Amazing Interview With High School Hackers


Before all the Tesla Fremont factory mess, Musk did an interview with some high school kids. It may be his best interview to date.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Elon Musk's name has been splashed all over the headlines — much of it related to controversial posts on Twitter. Love it or hate it, we can all agree he's definitely captivated the social media-sphere. However, lost amidst the thunder-and-lightning erupting from Musk's tweetstorms, was a little-publicized AMA with Hack Club. In short, this is must-see TV. In fact, it might be Musk's best interview ever. 

Although pithy one-liners and mean-spirited put-downs are de rigueur on Twitter, this long-form interview format provides a far better opportunity to take stock of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO. In addition, the lengthy Joe Rogan podcast/video also provides deeper context for Musk's POV. Nevertheless, this particular hour of Hack Club footage captures some truly fascinating insights into Musk's mindset.