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Open Letter to a Fear Mask Pusher

• Eric Peters Auto

He wrote an Open Letter to the leadership and membership of the church explaining why he could not accept the position, given the Fear Mask Mandate. His letter is worth publishing here as well since it touches on an issue that affects all of us, everywhere:

"It is with regret, but with a sense of conviction, that I must remove myself from consideration for the Secretary position at [the church].

At the end of March, my job was cut due to lack of business from — what I consider to be — the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19, perpetuated by the media and governments, including ours here in Ohio. This irrationality has led to record-setting unemployment, more infringement on civil liberties than I have seen in my lifetime, more corresponding government overreach and the disturbing trend of "informing" on fellow citizens.

National health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly stated that he would favor "immunity cards" or "vaccination cards" for Americans to "prove" they are not infected by or carrying the virus. This sort of step would, in my opinion, open the door to unprecedented government restrictions on freedom of movement, financial activity and other rights. Against this backdrop, I was disheartened to see that the annual meeting would be "Masks Mandatory" for those who wished to meet at the church and that the Wednesday gathering would have the same restrictions. Masks Mandatory is a policy that I feel prolongs the COVID-19 hysteria and paves the way for the ever-increasing governmental intrusions I mentioned above.

Toward that end, I will not be attending any services, events, or meetings that are Masks Mandatory and even attending virtually, especially to be elected to a position, would to me be giving endorsement to the policy and adding to the fear and hysteria it fosters.  I also will not be contributing financially to [the church] so long as such a policy is enforced or promoted by church leadership. I do not wish to deter others from taking any protective measures they feel they should take; however, I feel this is each member's right and responsibility to decide for themselves.

Please be assured that this is not a decision I make lightly or thoughtlessly. I have enjoyed my time at the church and would like to continue my activities with you all in the future, as well as financially contribute, but without the presumption of sickness and with the freedom to use the church facilities and to interact with other members freely, as has been the case in the past.

I chose an "open letter" format for this message because I feel it is an important enough issue for everyone to have the chance to know my views on.  I would ask that each of you consider the issue, both in terms of Masks Mandatory and the greater ramifications it portends, and decide on a course of action you wish to take.

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