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What You Need to Know About the 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee

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The convention was held online and included 12 hours of debate and four rounds of balloting.

I am not too excited about the Libertarian Party this year because I doubt the party will be able to garner much coverage given the dynamics of the Donald Trump-Joe Biden(?) race. You would need a very special kind of talent to get significant news coverage and Jorgensen isn't that person.

Many of those who might vote libertarian will probably vote for Trump thinking Biden might be too destructive (or at least his controls would be).

That said, Jorgensen appears to be a solid libertarian. However, her issues page presents issues as though she thinks she has a chance at winning the presidency rather than using her platform to educate about libertarianism.

She just doesn't come out in favor of abolishing much of anything, she just calls for shrinking government.

A few examples from her issues page.