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Coronavirus patients no longer infectious after 11 days, comprehensive study finds…

• Natural News - Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) A new study suggests that most Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients are no longer infectious 11 days after they develop symptoms of the disease. The study, jointly conducted by Singapore's National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS), claims that around 80 percent of COVID-19 patients can be discharged after this time period.

Currently, Singapore requires patients to test negative twice for the virus before being discharged, similar to what is being done in the United States. If more evidence can come out to corroborate the findings of this study, it can be used to shape Singapore's healthcare policies – and those of other countries – with regards to hospitalizations due to coronavirus. Safely reducing the time coronavirus patients spend in hospitals and other health care facilities can help free up much-needed healthcare resources.

This comes as doubt has been cast on test kits, mostly sourced from China, which can produce false positives, prolonging the time patients remain in hospital.

Listen to the Health Ranger Report from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he talks about how these Chinese coronavirus tests have bad accuracy and produce high numbers of false positives.

Researchers confident in their findings despite the study's small size

The research paper's findings are based on a study of 73 patients being treated in Singapore. They measured the "viral load" of the patients, or how much of the coronavirus was still in their systems, to measure whether or not the virus was still viable and infectious.

"Based on the accumulated data since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the infectious period of [the coronavirus] in symptomatic individuals may begin around two days before the onset of symptoms, and persist for about seven to 10 days after the onset of symptoms," stated the researchers.

Leo Yee Sin, executive director of the NCID, said that they were confident that there was enough evidence to prove that COVID-19 patients are no longer infectious after 11 days. The only exceptions to this would be people with weakened immune systems, such as cancer patients who received chemotherapy or people on immunosuppressive drugs, as the coronavirus might be viable in them for longer periods.