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LIVE Webinar with Selco: Civil Unrest and Riots

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Are you concerned about the violence and destruction spreading across the country? This weekend was filled with protests, riots, destruction, and violence. Many people were shocked when even their smaller towns fell victim to unruly crowds. Last night, President Trump announced he would deploy "thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers" to squelch the unrest which could work…or could lead to even greater outrage.

We are putting a few more plans into place at my daughter's place to get ready for a hasty evacuation if it's called for, and to batten down the hatches here at the apartment as well. I'm fortunate that I have friends like Selco and Toby, who have been through situations of extreme unrest, martial law, and even the breakdown of societies.

I want to bring that same information to you. Please join us on Thursday for an exclusive live webinar to discuss how to prepare for and survive civil unrest. There will be time for Q&A at the end so that you can get Selco's take on your own situation.

It really CAN happen anywhere.

The fact of the matter is, during this time of heightened tension, no area is immune. Even if you live in a small town, you should expect the potential for unrest. Angry people can be found on Twitter, organizing groups to head out to the suburbs because the inner cities have burned.

Selco has prepared a live webinar to address common concerns like:

How to prepare for unrest

When you should leave the area

What to do if you're trapped in a crowd that becomes violent

How to survive if demonstrators storm your workplace or some other location

What to do if an angry mob surrounds your car

The steps to take if you're on public transit when trouble erupts

How to make your home less appealing to criminals

How to protect yourself and your family if you missed your window of opportunity to leave.

We'll talk about these things and many more in a special two-hour session on Thursday (so we can get prepped for another potential weekend of civil disorder).

This is not about being utterly terrified. It's about understanding what might happen and having a plan to protect the ones you love. Knowledge is power.

This might be the most important twenty bucks you'll ever spend. Go here to register for the event:

BONUS: Live Q&A with Selco

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session so that you can ask Selco questions specific to your situation. This webinar will be recorded if you cannot make it to the live event but you must register to be able to access the recording.

Selco Survival Series: CIVIL UNREST AND RIOTS
June 4, 2020

We hope to see you there.