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SELCO: Mob Mentality and the TRUTH About Protests

• The Organic Prepper by Selco Begovic

When highly organized force with a mission, resources, a plan, and the will go to finish a task usually there is no reasoning with that force, or explaining that you are trying just to prove some point, or you are just filming, taking selfies or holding a cardboard sign. When that force starts to sweep the street the difference between you (holding cardboard sign) and the guy next to you who is looting is very small for that force.  Sometimes that difference is actually invisible.

Controlling the protest, riots, or mass of people who are on the verge of becoming violent is a very "fluid" task, and once when orders are given you are kinda all the same.

You are all "possible threat" to them, training goes like that. It cannot be different.

The "light em up" video sums up a huge amount of things, all of them important for prepping and survival.

Now, about this video alone the whole article can be written, lamenting and philosophizing about freedom, constitutional rights, maybe even founding fathers (you could do that, not me) and discussing what is freedom about and what you have right to do on your own piece of land (property, house). (Daisy wrote that here.)

I'll be short about this video, and I'll just say: "FFS, when you see the whole bunch of armed, organized guys, clearly on the mission, please forget everything and just get the f*ck out of there!" Then a day later, think about how to sue those guys because they forbid you to be on your own property.

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