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Watch Tesla Model 3 Take Down Ford Mustang In Closer Than Expected Drag Race

• Inside EV's

A Tesla Model 3 often crushes a Ford Mustang at the drag strip, but this drag race is much closer than expected. In the end, the 3 still wins, but the Mustang at least put up a decent run.

After watching that laughable race between a Tesla Model S P100D and a Ferrari F12 in which the Ferrari gets beat so badly it seems as though the car was barely even moving, this race presents another rather unexpected result.

The Tesla does win again, as expected. However, the Ford Mustang puts up a pretty decent fight. Though the video doesn't mention it, this Model 3 is the Performance variant and it gets down the quarter miles in a time of 11.62 seconds, which is not record-shattering, but rather about average for this version of the Model 3.

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