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15 Reasons That Tells America That Trump Has Been Overthrown

•, Dave Hodges

In late 2018, Trump may have been right, however, Trump has been overthrown but the silence from the silent majority has been deafening! Please spare us the bravado and put away your M-16 as you will soon be outnumbered and outgunned by the blue helmets who are speaking Russian and Chinese. Trump's reign is over, the Republic has been overthrown, the rule of law has been abandoned and very soon, nobody will be there to answer your 911 call. Trump has been overthrown and you are now living in an emerging communist country.

How can we be sure that Trump has been overthrown?

After making unprecedented gains in the economy in his first three years in office, Trump allowed his traitorous son-in-law, Jared Kushner, business partner of George Soros, to construct the COVID-19 team. Every member of this team had distinct and illegal financial conflicts of interest, mostly with the Bill Gates deadly vaccine team and others with major pharmaceuticals.