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What The Hell Is The Great Reset?

• The Falling Darkness

Conspiracy videos are everywhere out there, and 99% of them are easily dismissed. But the technical quality of this one is good and the narrator is articulate. Meanwhile, the 130,000 views and 1,600 comments imply a decent-sized audience.

So instead of blowing it off, I Googled "Great Reset," and found a very long Forbes article titled This Moment Calls For The Great Reset.  Here's a small sample:

Behaving normally is typically to conform to some standard or regular pattern. To be normal is to act in accordance with a preexisting rule or principle. I'm not interested in the "new normal." That presupposes the "old normal" was normal. None of it was normal prior to the pandemic. None of it was just when we analyze the thousands of people killed or injured by police officers...

Also near the top of the Google search is the site of the World Economic Forum itself. Here's their (somewhat ominous) overview video: