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Violent Response to NonViolent Actions

• Eric Peters Auto

Here's another video showing what most of us are sick of seeing: A violent response to nonviolence.

A man was "dancing in the street" in Alemeda, CA. By the side of the street, actually.

According to locals interviewed by news media, the guy does this regularly and it's never been a problem. It's not a violent problem, at any rate. But the gang of Blue Thugs – armed government workers – reacted to it very violently. The Face-Diapered scrum manhandled and then tackled the man, holding him facedown on the street, as the video below shows:

This despite the absence of any legitimate reason for it. A legitimate reason being a violent threat to themselves or other people.

This wasn't that.

What it was was the AGW's "training" on display. AGWs are "trained" in the manner of back alley pitbulls, to snap at anything in their orbit that they perceive as a "threat" – not to their "safety" but to their Authority.