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SELCO: Trauma Assessment and Treatment in Adrenalized Situations

• The Organic Prepper by Selco Begovic

Would you know what to do if someone in your group was injured in the middle of a chaotic event, screaming for help?

It seems like a subject change but after many articles, assessments, and discussions about events that are happening around us during the last period of time, it makes sense to step away from looking at big events.  We need to step out of the big circle and step back into our small circle of survival. Our personal circle.

Or in other words, let's go back to the basics of survival.

It does not make much sense to monitor big events or to participate in them, if you, for example, do not know how to start a fire, shoot a weapon, or treat the most common injuries.

No matter how large and complicated the event, look to yourself and your circle.  Most probably it is the simple things and situations that will kill you. A "small circle" personal particular event will cause trouble for you. Lack of food, lack of hygiene, or the lack of a particular skill will be the end, not something dramatic happening seven states away.

So we need to go back to basics, often.

Treatment in the field

Treating a wound in the field is much different than in your comfortable home with your handy supplies. I saw this video online and wanted to discuss it with you.

Watch the video and see if you think they're treating the injury correctly.

Please ignore the commentary on this video. The video shows treating a wound. And in this article, it is not about Trump, Antifa, or the pros or cons of each. It is about treating a wound in a "real environment." We were unable to find a clip without commentary – this has less commentary than most.