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The New Party Overalls

• Eric Peters Auto

That may sound a bit much, but consider. If they can impose Universal Face Diapering, they will have succeeded in destroying the possibility of dissent  – other than in your head, exactly like the people in Orwell's 1984.

Everyone wore the same Party overalls; everyone mouthed the same slogans.

Everyone looked the same, creating a soul-crushing appearance of universal conformity with the orthodoxies of the Party.

Dissent – outside of your own head – was unthinkable. Or rather, inexpressible. This made it seem that no one else dissented. Which amounts to making it seem as though everyone agreed.

That everyone else is insane.

This wilts the will. It makes the individual question his own sanity.

How will our actual world differ from Orwell's fictitious world when you aren't permitted (hideous word; how did America get to that point?) to go outside without a Face Diaper occluding your individuality and visually confirming you as a member of the frightened, obedient herd?

Your face will be indistinguishable from other faces. No one will know whether you're smiling or frowning.

Most of all, no one will know you oppose what's been imposed, since you've been forced to submit to it. Since everyone has been forced to submit to it.

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