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On New Year's Eve, Philly cops fire blindly into house, wound 4, arrest wrong guy!

• Philadelphia Weekly
"As soon as everyone said 'Happy New Year!,' bullets were flying through the house," Guests ran to the dining room, and some shielded their children with their bodies as others dropped to the floor. The three bystanders injured were

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Comment by Paulthecabdriver Farah (5266)
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Philadelphia mayor's office email is Let him know what you think of the pigs who did this.

Comment by William Shaw (11489)
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Stay away from Philly unless you are carrying heat ! No matter what the illegal law states,it is illegal because of 2nd. Ammendment, the highest law in our land, the Constitution ! Which allows us to have the right to protect ourselves, from cops, government, and others who would violate our rights and freedoms. PERIOD !

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