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You've got a friend in me!


Many of us can't wait to see our loved ones and friends once the coronavirus pandemic lets up, and that was certainly the case for two young pals. 

An adorable video filmed on June 25 in Brooklyn shows two toddlers running to greet each other after they hadn't seen one another for months due to the pandemic's disastrous toll on New York City

One of their mothers, who filmed the heartwarming reunion, shared that the two had been in daycare for two years together. They had created a loving friendship that extended to the two moms, she said. 

'Once things started calming down in the world, we said enough is enough. Our little men shouldn't have to suffer any longer and we set up a surprise play date. 

'We are so happy I got it on camera! It warmed our hearts and gave us something to smile about!' 

The brief clip shows the mom walking with her son as they go to meet the other mother-son duo.  

'Who do you think we are meeting?' the mom asks her unsuspecting son. 

He repeatedly states that he does not know until seeing the recognizable face, at first questioning his identity before running at his friend.