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Oil: The Power to Shock

But most of the world's major fields, found decades ago, are in decline. The "easy oil" has all been found, leading oil companies and producer nations to search for ever more difficult-to-tap fields....

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Comment by William Patriot
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As usual, we have misinformation about natural resources & manupulation of stock market to prove it.
There never has been an oil shortage in USA, except when the government closed down the wildcatters, and capped our wells which were producing more than enough oil.
They also caused the closing of our oil refineries which caused gas & oil prices to be at mercy of imports. This assured complete control by the government and it's lackeys to be able to fill their pockets with our hard earned dollars from the pumps and heating oil.
Just another ploy by those in power to squeese us dry.& keep the public under their thumb !

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