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My Child, My Choice!

• Childrens Health Defense - RFK Jr

I pledge to:

Be a Children's Health Defender against environmental toxins that are contributing to 54% of U.S. children having a chronic health condition—similar health statistics are seen worldwide.

Protect children against vaccine and other medical mandates.

Defend parent's rights to medical freedom for children.

Promote "My Child, My Choice" in my community so that more people can be pledge to be a #CHDefender

Take the pledge today, and let us stand tall together shoulder-to-shoulder, country-to-country, as Defenders of Children's Health! CHD is encouraging families and organizations to make their pledge using words or short videos with the hashtag #CHDefender. Together our growing army of parents can send a strong message to our lawmakers.

Post Your Pledge! 

Photograph, and tweet your pledge for #CHDefender using the handy Facebook template above.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Pledges are great. But be ready to maintain your pledge in court; they won't ask you about your pledge. 1. It's not your child; it's your property. 2. Don't sign anything; you give up your rights that way. 3. Stand as a man/woman, totally unrepresented, in court; if you have an attorney, make him/her your co-counsel; you do the talking in court. 4. Require an on-the-stand statement of any other party's ownership of your property (your child); if the other party literally has part ownership of your property, work out a schedule with him/her regarding things that are done with your property. Property ownership and rights are what counts in America.