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Injection of nanoparticle-based retina restores vision to blind rats

•, By Rich Haridy

 A single injection of nanoparticles was found to create a working artificial retina, restoring vision to blind rodents.

Degenerative age-related vision loss is so common it would be easy to think it simply an unavoidable consequence of getting older. However, a number of innovative research projects have found ways to prevent, or at least slow, this seemingly inevitable process.

A great deal of age-related vision loss is related to a degradation of the retina, so many researchers have worked to develop different kinds of artificial retinas, using electrodes and sensors to replicate retinal functions. However, these prosthetic solutions are not ideal, requiring wiring, cameras and invasive surgery.

Another option to restore retinal function is by using specifically engineered nanoparticles to serve as light-sensitive conduits to retinal neurons. In a newly published study, researchers have demonstrated how conjugated polymer nanoparticles (P3HT-NP) can potentially spread broadly across the sub-retinal space and restore lost vision.