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McCain in NH: Would Be "Fine" To Keep Troops in Iraq for "A Hundred Years"

• Mother Jones
The United States military could stay in Iraq for "maybe a hundred years" and that "would be fine with me," John McCain told two hundred or so people at a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire. Toward the end of this session,

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Comment by Hawkeye
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I think it`s time for J McCain to put the "POW" thing to rest.
That`s all he has and he`s putting that to shame.
Why is it that not one of the other "POW`S" are going to vote for him?
I have one question.There is a "Medal of Honor" winner on J McCain`s web site that say`s he fought many battles with J McCain and J McCain is a good warier.Did J McCain strap this guy to the wing of his single seater A-4,or what?
Did J McCain go,on foot,into the jungle and fight,or what?
I need to know how these two ever got together in "Battle".