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Lawyer Working on the Big Lawsuit Against CPS...

•, GeorgeEaton

Mens & Fathers Rights Advocate
He was just about to win a huge case in Mariposa county that had been going on for years

What did they silence him over? CPS lawsuit

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Yeah man, seems like they are protecting the fact CPS is involved in child trafficking.

They kill anyone who threatens their supply of fresh young children.

Your children are property of the State.
It's that way in every nation on the planet that has birth certificates.
A birth certificate conveys "ownership" to the State. Therefore the State can take your children away from you for ANY reason. They only let you raise your kids until you start to do something they don't like.

He most likely started digging into this truth and they had to kill him.

You've been painted into a corner like the rest of us
By design to protect the PUPPETMASTERS from the puppets
[The]..DOJ is allowing LAW ENFORCEMENT all across the country to seize firearms without charging gun owners with a crime
[the Attorney General].. knows that most wont fight it because the legal fees cost more than the firearm itself.