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Two biggest warmongers conquer New Hampshire

• 1-8-2008

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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New Hampshire is a Communist State.Please!! watch them closely if they visit you town.
Keep an eye on them.Watch where they go,and what they do.
Don`t allow them to talk to you children,keep you children away from them.
Remind them that if any of your love ones have to go to WAR, because the communist from **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ** helped elect J McCain or Clinton,that you will remember how the people from **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ** are responsible for taking you children away from you.
Start! today with a motion to make **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ** remove themselves from the union.Most of all,don`t let them talk to your children under any circumstances what so ever.Please Stay Away form anyone from **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ** I already know of several vacation rental agencies that will refuse to rent to anyone from **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ**.Our **QQ**Camp Grounds**QQ** are doing the same thing.We don`t want you here **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ**.Please go somewhere else,so that you will be better receive ,by your communist brothers and sisters.
.Just remember **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ**,you are not welcomed here....or anywhere other than **QQ**New Hampshire**QQ**,where all of your communist brothers and sisters exist.You will be much happier in your! stay there.

Comment by William Shaw
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Has hanging for treason been outlawed ?
These two forgot to wear their UN blue ties like the rest in the oval office.

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