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Two biggest warmongers conquer New Hampshire

• 1-8-2008
Sen. Hillary Clinton powered to victory in New Hampshire's Democratic primary in a startling upset resurrecting her bid for the White House. Sen. John McCain defeated his Republican rivals to move back into contention for the GOP nomination.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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New Hampshire is a Communist State.Please!! watch them closely if they visit you town.
Keep an eye on them.Watch where they go,and what they do.
Don`t allow them to talk to you children,keep you children away from them.
Remind them that if any of your love ones have to go to WAR, because the communist from "New Hampshire" helped elect J McCain or Clinton,that you will remember how the people from "New Hampshire" are responsible for taking you children away from you.
Start! today with a motion to make "New Hampshire" remove themselves from the union.Most of all,don`t let them talk to your children under any circumstances what so ever.Please Stay Away form anyone from "New Hampshire" I already know of several vacation rental agencies that will refuse to rent to anyone from "New Hampshire".Our "Camp Grounds" are doing the same thing.We don`t want you here "New Hampshire".Please go somewhere else,so that you will be better receive ,by your communist brothers and sisters.
.Just remember "New Hampshire",you are not welcomed here....or anywhere other than "New Hampshire",where all of your communist brothers and sisters exist.You will be much happier in your! stay there.

Comment by William Patriot
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Has hanging for treason been outlawed ?
These two forgot to wear their UN blue ties like the rest in the oval office.

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