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Does Not Compute

• The Understudy
On the campaign trail, we often hear about the overwhelming presence of Ron Paul everywhere you turn. Yesterday, Anderson Cooper of CNN noted that everywhere he went in New Hampshire, he saw significant Ron Paul support.

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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Ron Paul most likely has the most committed voters out there. They are already working hard for their candidate. They are also energetic and very knowledgeable so knowing where to vote, when and how is not a problem.

Either his supporters number in the 8% range in NH (which showed up in polling), and warmonger repressive spenders are popular (which does not show up in polling), or the election is rigged. Your choice. And who cares?

Comment by libertysilver
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Here is what might compute. While we are out there waving signs, the others are looking for
people to get to the polls.
It's great that we get the visibility, and this should
be done, but the bottom line is that the effort should be on listing ron paul voters, making sure
they are registered and know where to vote,
and then getting them to the polls.
It's all a numbers game.
If we were actually doing this and pouring the most of our time and
resources into that, we would have won
in New Hampshire today.
Think about it. Many districts had 10 to 50 votes.
How much time would it have taken to get 20 to 100 votes in each area?
We need Republican voter lists.
We need to get to them.
We need to find the ones who will vote for Ron Paul. We need to get them to the polls.
It's that simple.