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Trump vs. Biden: What is Best for Libertarianism?

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I am curious about what is the better of two terrible options this time around. Even though I had a visceral preference for Trump as compared to Hillary, I think time has proved Wenzel correct, and extremely prescient, in that Trump's election has proved worse for liberty than hers ever could have been.
That said, I am curious what Wenzel's preference will be for this election. Strictly speaking, if it comes to just Trump v Biden, I think a similar recommendation will hold, in that a cronyist like Biden is preferable for taking wind out of the sails of the socialist ascendancy we're seeing. But the problem I'm increasingly imagining is that Biden is just a placeholder for the VP he chooses, and she will probably replace him inside of the first term, if not the first year. So, what are the preferences when it comes to Trump v Warren, Trump v Harris, Trump v ???
RW response:

Grant S. is correct across the board.

Both choices are absolutely terrible. But at this early point, I am leaning towards Trump being the best option.

Biden would be extremely dangerous out of the gate. It is not just that he may not make it through an entire four-year term but as best I can tell (They are hiding the names of the advisers from the public) he is surrounded by extreme left advisors who would immediately start implementing any radical lefty programs they could get away with.

If he chooses Elizabeth Warren as his vice-presidential candidate that would be the signal a Biden administration would be extremely destructive. She is power-hungry and not interested in promoting crony deals other than ones that would advance her power goals. She is probably the most dangerous high-profile politician in America today, even worse than AOC.