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The Ron Paul Movement

• Lew Rockwell
It was always Murray Rothbard's argument that while we might from time to time be short-term pessimists, we should always be long term optimists, for many reasons from economics and history. Look at what Ron Paul has done.

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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Thanks Brock. Ernie was very upbeat on Goyette this morning. And so was my father when he came over today.

Being the pessimist I am, it was good to hear people basically remind me that I didn't get into this to get Ron Paul elected, but to get his ideas out there and in that we are attracting A LOT of rightfully pissed of young people who see their parents and grandparents having sold their futures down the drain.

Let those other idiots spout their rhetoric of worrying about the war and the economy while voting for all the others. Of course they don't want the gravy train to stop. That is what they are worried about.