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Dr. Tim O'Shea - $5K Reward for Proof of COVID-19 Diagnosis

• One Radio Network

Show highlights:

There's no novel virus out there infecting the world

There's no proof of anyone being infected

The people who are sick this season have illnesses that have simply been categorized as COVID

There are 5 tests for COVID and all are unreliable

Marketing the illusion of COVID

Positive tests have nothing to do with people being sick

Why vaccines don't why and why acquiring natural immunity is more effective and safer

Why you want their children to get childhood diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc

They best way to get herd immunity; we're preventing herd immunity with the lockdown

The problem with face masks; masking is now it's own religious cult

How are all the players getting away with all this corruption?

Fauci is just a mouth piece for the pharmaceutical companies

Patrick asks Dr. O'shea about what he thinks the end game is?

What can people do to stop all this?

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Patrick Timpone · New Startling Information on COVID and Vaccines, July 21, 2020

Dr O'Shea is a Dr. of Chiropractic with over 25 years of clinical experience. In his practice, Dr O'Shea provides a focus on holistic health which includes nutritional restructuring via his New West Diet.

Dr O'Shea is well known for his meticulously researched and uncompromising book on the risks and limitations of vaccines, THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN BLOOD: VACCINATION I$ NOT IMMUNIZATION. A must read for every new parent and parent to be.

Since 1998, Dr O'Shea has been teaching a full day seminar on vaccines and immunization in many cities of the US and UK. This seminar has CE accreditation in most states for DCs and NDs. Dr O'Shea's current work also includes seminars to health professionals on nutrition.

In addition to his well known book on vaccines, Dr. O'Shea has written several books and numerous articles on nutrition and holistic health. Dr. O'Shea graduated from Life Chiropractic College, has practiced in Europe and traveled throughout the world studying holistic health practices.

In his own words, "The healthiest people in human history were groups who were geographically isolated from "civilization." These people had no specialists, no HMOs, no prescription drugs, and no immense hospitals. They were never subverted with the idea that the responsibility for their own health lay outside themselves. Except in the cases of traumatic injury, for most of their lives they looked to the body's inner wisdom, and trusted only that. And it worked – they had beautiful teeth, strong bones, and very little degenerative disease."