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Here's What You Need to Know About Sending Your Child Back to School This Year

• by Linnea Johnson

Already, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Diego have declared schools will not re-open physical classrooms and others will follow. Many districts have suggested revised schedules, including part of the students attending one day or week and others another day or week, staggered drop-off and pickup times, mask-wearing at all times, social distancing, food brought from home, and no shared use of common resources. Teacher unions are beginning to object to sending teachers, particularly those in the higher risk age groups, back into the classroom and parents have understandable concerns for their children as well.

One way or another, school will not look like it used to this school year, and discipline issues will now include compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. Online learning will deliver the bulk of instruction, with little personal interaction between students, peers, and teachers. While I am a believer in online learning for older and more motivated students, I believe it is not the best learning mechanism for younger children.

Millions of parents, after homeschooling their children for months are seriously considering homeschooling because of the dystopian guidelines issues by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and being followed by most school districts.

CDC Recommendations

In May, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued school reopening guidelines that called for:

Strict social distancing tactics

All-day mask wearing for most students and teachers

Staggered attendance

Daily health checks

No gym or cafeteria use

Restricted playground access and limited toy-sharing, and

Tight controls on visitors to school buildings, including parents.

School districts across the country quickly adopted the CDC's guidelines, devising their reopening plans accordingly. Once parents got wind of what the upcoming school-year would look like, including the real possibility that at any time schools could be shut down again due to virus spikes, they started exploring other options. (Source)