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A Look Inside The $52 Trillion Bubble That Has "Hijacked China's Economy"

•, Tyler Durden

As we said at the time, "China has always been a serial bubble inflator courtesy of a closed (capital account) economy, and nearly $30 trillion in bank deposits [$40 trillion as of July 2020] which slosh from one asset class to another, be it the stock market, bitcoin, commodities, farm animals or - most often - housing. "

Why is it so important for China to consistently reflate this bubble? The answer is simple: for China's middle class there is no more important asset than housing: as Deutsche's Zhiewi Zhang wrote in 2017 when discussing the macro and market consequences of the Chinese bubble, it is nothing more (or less) than "a massive wealth effect."

Furthermore, unlike the US, which is hyperfinancialized and the bulk of household net worth is in financial assets (less than 30% is in real estate), in China it is the opposite, and roughly three-quarters of all household worth is in real estate.