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In Huge Shakeup, Trump Moves To Withdraw 12,000 US Troops From Germany

• by Tyler Durden

This inevitably set up a fight and push back from both hawks and Congress and some among the defense establishment.

It also came out of 'America First' related promises made going back to the campaign trail wherein the president vowed to stop being the world's global policeman and to ultimately "bring to troops home" from far flung stations. Cited as still angry that Germany is "taking advantage" and "not paying their NATO fees" Trump has moved to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany, Bloomberg reports.

Though the Pentagon has cautioned the drawdown process could take "years", Bloomberg now reports: "The U.S. plans to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany, with some redeploying to other European nations and a little more than half returning to the U.S., a defense official said."