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Fauci Doubles Down: 'Put On Your Goggles!'

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Dr. Fauci is back in the limelight where he likes to be. In a recent ABC interview he informs Americans that if they "really want 100 percent protection" they should not only wear masks, but also goggles on their eyes. Will he be recommending space suits next week? Also in today's Liberty Report: With the latest Depression-level drop in US GDP, the real costs of the lockdown are becoming evident. Poverty, hunger, and more death will continue the foolish policy of shutting down the US economy instead of protecting the vulnerable. Plus, Are The Netherlands, Sweden, Mumbai, and Afghanistan all on the right track?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Time to make some money. Stop wearing masks, etc. Live like normal. If anybody - especially government people, or law enforcement - order you to put on your mask, the first thing to do is identify him/her as a man/woman: "Hey, man/Lady." The next thing to do is state you wish: " I wish to not wear a mask (whatever)." The third thing to say is: "is this an order?" If it's an order, do it, and invoice the person giving the order (or his superior) for, say, $250,000 ($500,000?). When it gets to court (because they don't pay you), be ready with witnesses and recordings and videos of the whole thing. If they don't show up, get a summary judgment, and sell it to "We Buy Judgments" for 10% of the face value. MAKE SOME MONEY.