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Barack, Hillary, and the Sinister Nothingness of “Change”

• Black Agenda Report
The scam of the century enthralls and envelopes the nation, a farce in which political twins Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pretend they are not joined at the hip on every public policy issue.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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I went to the "Daily Dose",everything is closed,no comments can be made.
SO! here is your daily dose:
I guess you have notice that every state,so far,is all for WAR.
Ron Paul does not have a chance of winning anything in America.America is all about WAR.
All three states that have had,or,are having a "Primary",are in favor of WAR by a large margin.
Even the upcoming Primary(s) have let us know,even before the Primary,they Love War and want to Kill our young,even their own children,and,Ron Paul does not have a chance of winning.They have already told us that they want nothing to do with peace,freedom,and,they don`t give a dam about the "Constitution"`s just a god damed piece of paper.
"John-Ho Chi McCain" is one of the most,if not the most horrible people on earth.He is lying to the same people that prayed for his release from captivity...he`s winning by a very large margin over Ron Paul.So are,at least three other War Mongers.
It is true that the majority of Americans want to go to WAR.How can America say anything else.Just look at who they want to lead our country....WAR MONGERS
WAR MONGERS are leading in the primary`s by double digits.
Americans may as well take the "Cool-Aid" and be done with it.All of you are fools for allowing yourself to be Railroaded into Hell by the lowest form of human(s),including the MSM.You can`t even stop them,the Media.
I am surprised that 'Luntz(sp)"guy,along with "Carl Cameron" are still upright.
Not only are they upright,they havn`t even been slowed down.Now that`s support.We need to ask Murdoch how he can demand such unwavering support.
If America can`t stop those horrible little NAZI`S,who can you stop.....NO ONE AT ALL.
Just take the "Cool - Aid" Americans,and do as you are told.
Try to get "Murdoch" to one of your Town Hall Meetings,or even show his face in public,he`s the one thats is killing you.What have you done about that...once again...NOTHING!!!.

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